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AI-generated CVs

Cubra uses advanced algorithms and AI to analyze job ads and create tailored CVs for job seekers. The software prioritizes and selects the most relevant experiences that match the job description, resulting in a fast, error-free, and tailored CV. The tool's battle-tested algorithms highlight keywords and strengths that may have been overlooked in the applicant's own CV. Cubra is the result of combining professional expertise and technical know-how to create a highly effective tool for job seekers.

3D-Configurator for bikes

We developed a 3D configurator for Thömus, a Swiss bike manufacturer, that allows customers to design their own unique bikes by selecting from a variety of options, such as frame size, color, and components. To build this solution, we utilized a Headless E-Commerce Framework and developed our own API integration. The project is containerized with dockers, making migration to any server and horizontal scaling easy to implement.

Banking App for families

To meet the demands of modern users, Clanq Banking aimed to develop a mobile financial app that is not only easy to use but also simplifies the saving process. The digital piggy bank solution from Clanq Banking boasts a cutting-edge application that enables an entire family to contribute with ease. With advanced features such as cashback accumulation and tax-optimized investment options, parents can optimize their financial strategy through the convenience of a single app.

Client Management Tool

Cycle Report is an in-house product developed with Mindnow to make agile project management communication more transparent. It integrates with Linear software through the official API and utilizes webhooks for real-time updates. Our hybrid strategy prioritizes webhook information and makes requests at specific times to ensure up-to-date data in our system.

Full Music Hub

We are able to do what other companies are afraid to do. This is proven by the Starzone platform we developed for the largest ticketing company in Switzerland. In a very short time our team of designers, developers and managers created a solid concept and implementation of it. From a large social news platform with integrated ticketing, various customized algorithms, an open source web framework written in Python in the backend to a Next.js React framework in the frontend, we completed everything on time.

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